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Meet May's Lawn Care, LLC.

Dedication. Commitment. Excellence.

Established in 2012, May's Lawn Care, LLC has earned a reputation for reliability and value. As the premier lawn care company in Appomattox and the neighboring regions, we pride ourselves on crafting picturesque lawns with our distinctive flair. Our team of outdoor enthusiasts is dedicated to addressing your residential or commercial lawn care needs.


Founded in February 2012, May’s Lawn Care, LLC began with just a mower, a weedeater, and a trailer. As the years passed, we expanded our inventory; now we boast a comprehensive range of equipment and a dedicated team to assist our clients with diverse tasks.

Our services include lawn maintenance, establishment and re-establishment of lawns, property clearing and grading, landscape design and installation, snow removal from driveways and sidewalks, and weed control. To safeguard our clients and the integrity of May’s Lawn Care, LLC, we maintain all necessary licenses and insurance.

Our mission as lawn care and landscaping experts is to collaborate with our clients to create a plan that fulfills their requirements. Client satisfaction and employee safety are our top priorities. We are passionate about bringing our clients' visions to life, ensuring safety and excellence every step of the way.

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